We pursue four missions, not only focused on our work in unstable and volatile regions of the world. We aim to create a fair and happy workplace for our employees.

At our core, we focus on promoting the health and education of children and young people and aim to create a bridge between people. You can find more about our current projects here.

Mission I

Youth welfare and education

Youth welfare and education

Assumption of school costs and secondary education for children and young people in economically weak areas of the world.

Education about the environment, people and animals.

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Mission II



Organization, implementation as well as the assumption of costs of medical measures for children and young people in our partner orphanage

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Mission III

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian actions for war-disabled as well as refugees

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Mission IV

Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Creating a fair and happy work environment within the TIMBA family

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We want to offer children and young people in developing countries the prospect of building their own future. Quality takes precedence over quantity.

The 5 pillars of TIMBA

Our vision is built on five fundamental commitments, our so-called “5 Pillars of TIMBA.”


We do not want to become anonymous and always want to be transparent with our donors. After all, transparez creates trust.


We assure our donors that 100% of all private donations reach the project. In addition, we will soon offer our donors the opportunity to visit our projects on site.

WE thinking

We meet people at eye level. Every member – from donors, staff to supporting people are equal and are seen and treated as a full member of the TIMBA family. We will not create pity, because every person is admirable and we can all learn from each other.

Holistic approach

Human - Environment - Animal

Our aspiration is to create holistic added value. We not only want to help a group of people, but also promote animal welfare and environmental protection through educational measures.

Quality instead of quantity

We do not become anonymous and focus on quality instead of quantity. We help only a small group of children and young people, but in the long term and with quality.

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Eine Person kann den Unterschied für ein Kind auf der ganzen Welt ausmachen. Wir können die Welt zum Besseren verändern.

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One person can make the difference for one child in the whole world. We can change the world for the better.